Privacy Policy:

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to put on record The Hotel Industrialists Co-Operative Bank's commitment in ensuring privacy and confidentiality of customer information.

All visitors who visit the site and provide information to the Hotel Industrialists Co-Operative Bank online are covered under this Policy.

This Policy protects private information of the visitors provided online to the Hotel Industrialists Co-Operative Bank and information collected by the bank's servers from the visitor's browsers.("the Information")

This information will be used to carry out any obligation related to your business relationship with the Bank. Additionally, the bank may use this information for its operational and management requirements such as but not limited to statistics, product promotions, market survey, product development, creditworthiness evaluation and/or, debt collection, customer relationship management, fulfilling all statutory and regulatory obligations and all other legitimate purposes.

This information will not be disclosed to any parties outside the bank unless you request or authorize it, the disclosure is required by law or the disclosure is needed for a third party authorized by the bank to provide services to you. The bank will take reasonable steps to ensure that the third party follows the minimum standards in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of customer's information.

The bank will use the information to improve the experience of the web visitor on the site. The bank is committed to implementing high computer security standards with stringent procedures and policies in safeguarding customer's information.

The commitment members to customer's privacy and confidentiality are evident in the bank's Security Policy.

The bank will try to keep all members/customer's information as updated as possible. It is therefore required that all members/customers provide accurate information to bank and also notify all changes, inaccuracies, incompleteness or errors found in their information lodged with the bank in a timely manner. Only duly authorized employees are permitted to access the actual data of customers.

We, Hotel Industrialists Co-Operative Bank Ltd, will always our best to ensure your privacy.